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I am a writer, and by that I mean not a whole lot more than the literal definition. That said though I love working on my bits of stories, various plots and tons of characters.

As of right now I am keeping my novels more private as I continue to work on them but here I can talk about my writing process as well as some resources I use.

As of right now I am currently working on one of two novels.

Before I start off on my process, as a writer just starting off, I take a lot of inspiration and guidance from other authors and books I love, three books/series in particular come to mind that fundamentally changed me and made me want to write.


In terms of how I write, it really is somewhat of an unplanned mess XD


For my first novel I ever tried which I finished in middle school (The Four Who Brough it all down is its current revision) I started first by gleaming an idea for plot, either from imagining the world setting, in this case a dystopian future, or by using other stories I liked as a guide.

Some of it too depends on what sort of novels you like to read and or want to write about, for me I love fantasy and dystopian fiction, those two areas for me light up something in me and I feel most absorbed in those types of worlds.


Once I settled on a plot, in this case a shady dystopian government kidnapping specific individuals with a higher chance of a key mutation, (yes very x-men I know). So then once I had a base idea it was time to make characters.

Initially I started by first sitting down at an avatar creator, one of many you can find online and one I created faces that felt right names began popping up in my head.

For me I am pretty lucky that once names come, I usually have this odd sense of the person in my head, but if I still feel blocked I use the character guide I linked below to help me further refine them.

With my first novel once I had the character names and faces, their dynamics just started to make sense, I paired names together and even made maps for how they’re relate to one another. Who would love eachother, who would despise each other etc. I find mapping out character dynamics really helpful because it helps promote backstory, why they feel that way and it also usually causes fun scenes to start popping into my head.

Actually Writing

So this is the step I struggle with the most which I think is common and the blank page can be daunting.

With my first novel, what I did was I actaully wrote the last page first especially since I had planned a cliffhanger so I had fun writing out all the excitement and then once I finsihed the last page, then I wrote the first.

This isn’t how I decided to try writing my second novel, but it still did help because it gave me end points and then all I had to do was connect them, which can seem easier than just writing with no physical end in sight.

Other than all of that, I generally just try and continue the rough idea of events I have in my head and then also add any occasional scenes that just pop in my head.


Here is a great character name generator Their site is also really great for really any names, as well s writing guides etc.

For less fantasy esc stuff here’s a good real name generator

Good in-depth character sheet