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Hi :3

My name is Cat, (she/her/they/ them). I am from the Bay Area however go to University at Temple on the East Coast.

I’m not an occasional game dev and enjoyer of roguelikes, that said I am a writer, avid reader, student and in general just a relatively loud personality.

I enjoy various subjects whether it be science and reasoning or some wild fantasy. I am currently a Chemistry major and an English minor at Temple University.

Some other things you should know are simply I am not a techie person, I am good with books, and with people and often math, but not computers so this site is primarily based on what I have learned from others, meaning if it’s buggy, my appologies … maybe I know how to fix it? XD

[Here’s] the source code for this site

Contact me …

Feel free to say hi on [mastodon] or my [email]